Sunday, March 31, 2019

Charismatic on the Mic: Don't Miss John Wall at the 2019 SBC!

In baseball, coaches love hard-working players who run out every ground ball and back-up every throw.  In baseball, coaches also love players with natural talent.  For generations, the natural abilities of players have left us in awe.  From the behemoth blasts of Babe Ruth to the sheer speed of Rickey Henderson and from the sweet swing of Ted Williams to the overpowering fastball of Aroldis Chapman, coaches and fans of the game have been mesmerized by players' natural talents.

At the SBC we have a similar talent to Williams and Ruth at the plate, Chapman on the bump and Rickey on the bases.  We have John Wall; a natural talent with the microphone in his hand.  His commentary and colorful narration throughout the week provide a unique experience for players, coaches and fans.

John, a fixture on the SBC Board since its inception in 1997, brings equal parts SVP, Bob Uecker and John Saunders when the mic's in his hand.  He's entertaining, spontaneous, yet relevant, and insightful.  He's a fan of the game, knowledgeable of its nuances and, above all, loves the people who are involved with it.  John also does a great job of passing along the legend of Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen to younger generations who haven't been exposed to the "Woooooooo" in any of their previous YouTube searches.  

Without fail, every coach and player who comes to The Jimmy for the SBC, leaves with a friend named John Wall.  Don't miss him at the 2019 SBC.  Click here for the 2019 game schedule.

Join Us At The Jimmy!

Jimmy White Park at Kelleytown Stadium, aka The Jimmy, in Hartsville, SC is the host site for the annual Southeastern Baseball Classic.  The mission of the Southeastern Baseball Classic to promote the game of baseball, to enhance the lives of athletes through competition and scholarship, and to involve the community by assembling sportsmen in tournament play.  

For the 2019, Southeastern Baseball Classic game schedule, click here.  To visit the official SBC home page, click here.  "Join Us At The Jimmy" is a blog associated with the Southeastern Baseball Classic and its goal is to make people more aware of teams and players visiting Hartsville for the SBC, as well as introducing our guests to the traditions and uniqueness of our town and tournament. 

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