Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Who gave Jimmy White Park the name "The Jimmy?"

We held a Twitter poll to see who our social media friends thought coined the moniker "The Jimmy" for Jimmy White Park.  As you can see above, our Twitter followers feel like John Wall came up with nickname.  Surprisingly, Coach Adam Fedewa received the least number of votes (10% with 100% of precincts reporting).  

Unfortunately, we have to break the news to our Twitter followers that they got it wrong.  It wasn't John Wall, though he has undoubtedly helped the name gain notoriety.  

At this time, we can neither confirm, nor deny, 
if Coach Emerson coined the name.
If it's not John, who is it?  Did Coach Fedewa come up with it?  He's certainly capable.  What about Coach Emerson from Paul VI?  What about Buster Freeman?  He's been known to talk.  And he knows his Hartsville sports history.  Surely, he'd appreciate the value in a unique name for the hallowed grounds of Kelleytown. 

Did the Voice of the Red Foxes coin "The Jimmy?"

We've narrowed it down to three.  Who could it be? Join us at The Jimmy from April 15 to April 19 for the Southeastern Baseball Classic to find out!

Join Us At The Jimmy!

Jimmy White Park at Kelleytown Stadium, aka The Jimmy, in Hartsville, SC is the host site for the annual Southeastern Baseball Classic.  The mission of the Southeastern Baseball Classic to promote the game of baseball, to enhance the lives of athletes through competition and scholarship, and to involve the community by assembling sportsmen in tournament play.  

For the 2019, Southeastern Baseball Classic game schedule, click here.  To visit the official SBC home page, click here.  "Join Us At The Jimmy" is a blog associated with the Southeastern Baseball Classic and its goal is to make people more aware of teams and players visiting Hartsville for the SBC, as well as introducing our guests to the traditions and uniqueness of our town and tournament. 

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